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Intel Research Day

SENS - The Meeting Diarist

桑斯 - 会议日记作者

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发布日期: 2010-07-06
SENS | 桑斯
桑斯 英特尔研究日
SENS, or Socially ENabled Services, puts sensors into a new kind of portable device. The sensors track a person's location and context to feed information to a "shadow avatar." Intel calls is "social augmented reality."
The Meeting Diarist | 会议日记作者
会议日记作者 英特尔研究日

The Meeting Diarist project is probably the dream of anyone who's every had to record the minutes of a meeting.

The technology allows researchers to record a meeting and then search the recording afterward for any word or by who was speaking at the time. Faster multicore CPUs enable the computing power to do this quickly and efficiently, Intel says.