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Induction day at the Naval Academy

Off to the buses. - Filing in - Fly-over

关的巴士。 - 档案中 - 飞了

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发布日期: 2010-07-06
Off to the buses. | 关的巴士。
关的巴士。 海军学院报到日
After learning the basics of saluting, it's off to the buses, which will take the new plebes to their dormitory.
Filing in | 档案中
档案中 海军学院报到日
Later in the day, the nearly 1,300 new plebe candidates emerge from the Naval Academy dormitory and file into their seats to take their oath of office.
Fly-over | 飞了
飞了 海军学院报到日
The oath of office ceremony is taken seriously and merits a fly-over by two F/A-18Es.
Oath of office | 誓言办公室
誓言办公室 海军学院报到日
The plebe candidates and their cadre leadership prepare for the oath of office.