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Induction day at the Naval Academy

Fitting for cover - Putting on the cover - Plebing the covers

拟合封面 - 封面加注 - Plebing封面

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发布日期: 2010-07-06
Fitting for cover | 拟合封面
拟合封面 海军学院报到日
They are also given a new hat, known as the "cover." Here, a plebe is fitted for her cover, to make sure it fits properly.
Putting on the cover | 封面加注
封面加注 海军学院报到日
The plebes are told the covers go on in a very specific way and with exactly two fingers' worth of room between their eyebrows and the brim. Here, a plebe tries to place the cover properly on his head.
Plebing the covers | Plebing封面
Plebing封面 海军学院报到日
Plebes no longer "hold their hats." They "plebe their covers," as seen here, with all five fingers spread out inside the brim.
Wearing canteens | 穿着食堂
穿着食堂 海军学院报到日
Each plebe gets a canteen, which is hung off the back of their new uniforms.
Memorize the Reef Points | 记住礁点
记住礁点 海军学院报到日
Memorizing the Reef Points is a very important task, particularly the pages spelled out here.