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Induction day at the Naval Academy

Already got war wounds - Reef Points - Getting a white sack

已经有了战争创伤 - 礁点 - 使用白色包装袋

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发布日期: 2010-07-06
Already got war wounds | 已经有了战争创伤
已经有了战争创伤 海军学院报到日
This plebe required three tries to draw blood from the medical corpsman who tends each newcomer. That fact left several senior members laughing riotously.
Reef Points | 礁点
礁点 海军学院报到日
Each plebe candidate is given a copy of the Reef Points, a small blue book with the rules, regulations, and mores of the Navy and the Naval Academy. They are required to memorize the book as quickly as possible.
Getting a white sack | 使用白色包装袋
使用白色包装袋 海军学院报到日
Each plebe picks up one of these white sacks in order to stuff all their new clothes, shoes, and sandals into.
New socks | 新袜
新袜 海军学院报到日
The new plebes get new socks and shoes, and here, we see two of them wearing the new socks.
Shoe boxes | 鞋盒
鞋盒 海军学院报到日
After picking up two new pairs of shoes, the plebes must stuff the boxes they came in into their white sacks, along with everything else they've been given on I-Day.