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Induction day at the Naval Academy


发布日期: 2010-07-06
Yelling at the plebes | 大喊大叫在plebes
大喊大叫在plebes 海军学院报到日
安纳波利斯,美国马里兰州 - 周四是在美国海军学院余天,或诱导日在这里。这意味着,超过1200名新手表明在8月开始上学,直至他们的人员培训。这也意味着4年开始的纪律和正在做的事情不对的时候大叫。 

接受CNET路之旅在2010年停止对我天,看看海军学院的版本相比,美国空军学院的。虽然有两所学校在大喊大叫 - 看这里 - 空军学院的方式可能有他们在新人打破只是一点点更多的能量。
ANNAPOLIS, Md.--Thursday was I-Day, or Induction Day, at the U.S. Naval Academy here. That meant that more than 1,200 newbies showed up at the august school to begin their officer training. It also meant the beginning of four years of discipline and being yelled at when doing things wrong.

CNET Road Trip 2010 stopped in on I-Day to see how the Naval Academy's version compared to that of the U.S. Air Force Academy. And while there's yelling at both schools--as seen here--the Air Force Academy might have just a little bit more energy in the way they break in the newcomers.
Good-bye bags | 再见袋
再见袋 海军学院报到日
Each of the new plebes brought a suitcase or a big backpack. But they won't see those bags again until the end of summer. Instead, they have a bag full of new clothes and shoes, and that's it for now.
Lining up | 排队
排队 海军学院报到日
A group of new plebes lines up prior to beginning their Naval Academy careers.
Haircut | 理发
理发 海军学院报到日
One of the first stops on I-Day is to get their heads shaved. Here, a plebe candidate is seen before going under the clippers.
Shorn | 修剪
修剪 海军学院报到日
The barber has begun to work his magic.