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The 10,000 Year Clock

Bit serial adder - The Equation of Time Cam - Geneva Wheels

位串行加法器 - 凸轮的时间方程 - 日内瓦轮

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发布日期: 2010-06-24
Bit serial adder | 位串行加法器
位串行加法器 10,000年的时钟
Below the planetary display, each bit serial adder controls one element of the display, the orrery, each of them corresponding to calculate that planet's orbit. The orrery is a spin-off project and the result of brainstorming for the clock, and was completed in 2005.
The Equation of Time Cam | 凸轮的时间方程
凸轮的时间方程 10,000年的时钟
由于地球椭圆轨道,摆在和太阳的时间可以相差多达保持了绝对时间的变化+ / - 15分钟的一年。凸轮方程的时间在这些措施的两次差异和重新校准时钟,同时也为地球自转轴摆动和每世纪减少1秒的速度纠正。
Due to the elliptical orbit of Earth, variations in the absolute time kept by the pendulum and solar time can vary by as much as +/- 15 minutes each year. The Equation of Time Cam measures the difference in these two times and recalibrates the clock, while also correcting for the Earth's axis wobble and 1 second per century decrease in speed.
Geneva Wheels | 日内瓦轮
日内瓦轮 10,000年的时钟
Using a progressive algorithm, large star-shaped plates, called Geneva Wheels, running down the center of the clock will generate a different bell ringing order for each day of the next 10,000 years.
Solar synchronizer | 太阳同步
太阳同步 10,000年的时钟
Sunlight striking a wire will allow this solar synchronizer to make minute adjustments and realign the clock's absolute time pendulum with true solar time.
Nickel-titanium wire | 镍钛合金丝
镍钛合金丝 10,000年的时钟
The sunlight shining through the glass lens at precisely noon is focused onto the nickel-titanium wire below which contracts when heated by the sun syncing the clock's absolute time pendulum with true solar time.