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Cracking open the Dell Adamo

Removing the battery cable - The Adamo and Air with bottom panels removed - Bottom panel and battery

取出电池电缆 - 拆除的底部面板 - 底部面板和电池

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发布日期: 2010-06-22
Removing the battery cable | 取出电池电缆
取出电池电缆 戴尔Adamo完全拆解
The battery connects to the motherboard with an orange ribbon cable. This cable should be disconnected before entirely removing the bottom panel.
The Adamo and Air with bottom panels removed | 拆除的底部面板
拆除的底部面板 戴尔Adamo完全拆解
阿达莫和MacBook Air的底部面板中删除。我们的MacBook空气在本指南中使用的是原始模型(释放较前一年)。尽管它的年龄,空气仍然包1.6 GHz的Core 2 Duo处理器,33比我们快百分之阿达莫的1.2 GHz的处理器。 

值得称道的,高端阿达莫不包括4 GB的内置内存,增加了一倍的空气。 

The Adamo and MacBook Air with bottom panels removed. The MacBook Air we're using in this guide is the original model (released over a year ago). Despite it's age, the Air still packs a 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 33-percent faster than our Adamo's 1.2 GHz processor.

To its credit, the high-end Adamo does include 4 GB of built-in RAM, double that of the Air.

Dell labels a lot more parts than Apple. This definitely makes our job easier, even though it's not quite as photogenic.
Bottom panel and battery | 底部面板和电池
底部面板和电池 戴尔Adamo完全拆解

The bottom panel contains an integrated 6 cell Li-Polymer battery pack.

You can recycle the battery...in Japan.
Battery specs | 电池规格
电池规格 戴尔Adamo完全拆解
在11.1 V电池的额定电压为40瓦小时,比MacBook Air的7.2伏,37瓦小时电池的改进。 (戴尔的手说:12.6 V,但我们相信他们比作家的电池。) 

该阿达莫的广告经营时间为5小时,为过世的MacBook Air苹果公司的索赔30分钟。 

根据手册,电池重量为489克。这是27阿达莫的重量百分比。相比之下,在MacBook Air的电池重量为为287克,只有21空气的总重量百分比。
The 11.1 V battery is rated at 40 Watt hours, an improvement over the MacBook Air's 7.2 V, 37 Watt hour battery. (Dell's manual says 12.6 V, but we trust the battery more than their writers.)

The Adamo's advertised operating time is five hours, outliving Apple's claims for the MacBook Air by 30 minutes.

According to the manual, the battery weighs in at 489 grams. That's 27 percent of the Adamo's weight. In comparison, the MacBook Air's battery weighs in at 287 grams, only 21 percent of the Air's total weight.
Samsung chips on the solid state drive | 在固态硬盘三星芯片
在固态硬盘三星芯片 戴尔Adamo完全拆解


We've just removed the 128GB solid state drive. The drive is a thin 128GB uSATA MLC. This particular drive utilizes 16 Samsung 64 gigabit multi-level cell (MLC) flash chips.

Impressively, the specs listed on the drive indicate a maximum power consumption of only 1.05 watts and an operating shock of 1500G.

The solid state drive's thickest point is the 4mm SATA connector. The rest of the drive is a scant 2.9 mm.