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Tesla Model S hits New York party scene


发布日期: 2010-06-26
Tesla S | 特斯拉S
特斯拉S Tesla跑车纽约展示
周三在IAC / InterActiveCorp的曼哈顿市中心切尔西附近,电动车启动特斯拉汽车扔一个深夜党召集业主及准买家,以及为庆祝创办伊隆麝香的外观建设大堂晚上“大卫莱特曼深夜秀“这一天。 

展出的是该公司即将推出的型号S轿车,50,000元的替代价格较高的多 - 而且已经发表的市场 - 特斯拉跑车原型。这款车,这将在2011年投入生产,可容纳7人,可以去充电前需要一个300英里。 

On Wednesday evening in the lobby of the IAC/InterActiveCorp building in Manhattan's downtown Chelsea neighborhood, electric car start-up Tesla Motors threw a late-night party to bring together owners and prospective buyers, as well as to celebrate founder Elon Musk's appearance on "Late Show With David Letterman" that day.

On display was a prototype of the company's forthcoming Model S sedan, a $50,000 alternative to its much pricier--and already-on-the-market--Tesla Roadster. The car, which will go into production in 2011, can seat seven people and can go 300 miles before needing a recharge.

(Disclosure: "Late Show With David Letterman" airs on the CBS broadcast network, which is owned by CBS Corp, publisher of CNET News.)
Tesla S, rear view | 特斯拉秒,后视图
特斯拉秒,后视图 Tesla跑车纽约展示

A rear view of the Tesla Model S prototype at the company's event at the IAC headquarters. Interested customers could gawk at it, but they couldn't climb in to pose for photo ops or to check out the upholstery.

Tesla plans to open a showroom in Chelsea, the same neighborhood where the IAC building is located, sometime in the near future, representatives said at the event.
Tesla Roadster engine | 泰斯拉跑车引擎
泰斯拉跑车引擎 Tesla跑车纽约展示

Tesla Motors also brought along a functional Roadster, its electric sports car. Here, a company representative let some party guests take a peek under the hood. But later in the evening, attention shifted to the giant video screens lining the walls of the IAC lobby, where Musk's appearance on the Letterman show (taped earlier) was broadcast as it aired.

Musk himself was in attendance at IAC to watch, too.
Smart car | 智能汽车
智能汽车 Tesla跑车纽约展示
不,不会使特斯拉智能汽车 - 可爱的微型车是由戴姆勒生产的。不过特斯拉是建设中的电动聪明,设定为两年内推出电池组负责,因此该公司在周三晚上,在纽约党智能停泊。
No, Tesla doesn't make the Smart car--the adorable subcompact is manufactured by Daimler. But Tesla is responsible for building the battery pack in the electric Smart that's set to debut within two years, so the company had a Smart parked at the New York party on Wednesday night.