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Photography contest uncovers underwater treasures


发布日期: 2010-06-25
Boxer crabs | 拳击手蟹
拳击手蟹 揭开深海生物的神秘面纱

在迈阿密的罗森斯蒂尔学院海洋与大气科学大学最近举行了一年一度的业余水下摄影比赛。得奖者分别命名为三个类别 - 广角,宏观性和海洋动物的画像。奖项也给予来自迈阿密大学的学生最好的贡献。 

In the last few years, the consumer camera market has exploded. As technology advances and prices drop, casual photographers can increasingly get their hands on nifty features previously affordable only to professionals. One example is a growing number of cameras (and camera casings) that can go underwater and come out unscathed, which has opened up a whole new world to hobbyist photogs.

The University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science recently held its annual amateur underwater photography contest. Winners were named in three categories--wide angle, macro, and marine animal portrait. Awards were also given for the best contributions from University of Miami students.

This photo, taken in Indonesia by Marchione Giacomo, won best overall photo in the contest. It shows two boxer crabs (Lybia tesselata) ready for a fight. The crabs defend themselves by carrying tiny stinging sea anemones in their claws.
Banded jawfish | 带状jawfish
带状jawfish 揭开深海生物的神秘面纱
不,这种鱼没有让她的老公吃零食。雄性结扎jawfish(Opistognathus macrognathus)持有育雏在嘴里,直到他们准备好鸡蛋孵化。该照片拍摄于海滨沙滩,佛罗里达州,并赢得由史蒂芬科瓦奇在海洋动物肖像类第一名。
No, this fish didn't get caught snacking. The male banded jawfish (Opistognathus macrognathus) holds brooding eggs in its mouth until they're ready to hatch. The photo was taken in Riviera Beach, Fla., by Steven Kovacs and won first place in the marine animal portrait category.
Pygmy seahorse | 侏儒海马
侏儒海马 揭开深海生物的神秘面纱
This pygmy seahorse is only about a half-inch tall and has flesh that blends masterfully well with the sea fans it lives among. Taken in Borneo, Malaysia, this photo won photographer Vickie Coker first prize in the macro category.
Dwarf minke whale | 侏儒小须鲸
侏儒小须鲸 揭开深海生物的神秘面纱
这一个侏儒小须鲸(鲸acutorostrata acutorostrata杆)刚刚被抓获后,拂晓对澳大利亚的大堡礁的一部分。摄影师,斯特芬Binke,约6或7英尺的鲸鱼离开时,他拍的照片,其中发生在动物肖像类第三名。
This shot of a dwarf minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata acutorostrata) was caught just after daybreak on part of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The photographer, Steffen Binke, was about 6 or 7 feet away from the whale when he took the picture, which took third place in the animal portrait category.
Molly Miller blenny | 莫莉米勒黏鱼
莫莉米勒黏鱼 揭开深海生物的神秘面纱
Meet the Molly Miller blenny, also known as the combtooth blenny. The tiny fish is not uncommon to home aquariums, but this particular one was photographed in Lake Worth Lagoon in Florida. Photographer Judy Townsend won third place in the macro category for this shot.