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Smart ForTwo looks to electrify city driving


发布日期: 2010-06-18
City smarts | 城市智慧
城市智慧 在市区内驾驶电动汽车-“试驾精灵”
布鲁克林 - 智能美国带来一个小的Fortwo的电动车版本到美国,开始了一个小试验,今年秋天,其次是生产制造和销售于2012年。在Fortwo的电气传动就像汽油版本,两年前来到美国,是一个双用的存储空间在后面的少量座位。汽车是主要面向城市的往返,在一个人谁不想做一个小,节能汽车的声明旨在利基。 

BROOKLYN--Smart USA is bringing an electric version of the ForTwo mini car to the U.S., starting with a small trial this fall, followed by production manufacturing and sales in 2012. The ForTwo Electric Drive, just like the gasoline version that came to the U.S. two years ago, is a two-seater with a small amount of storage space in the back. The car is geared toward city commuting and aimed at a niche of people who want to make a statement with a small, energy-efficient car.

I got to take it for a spin this week on the streets of New York.
Highway speeds | 高速公路速度
高速公路速度 在市区内驾驶电动汽车-“试驾精灵”
电气传动的Smart Fortwo的将有83英里,65英里每小时的最高速度范围。凭借其试点明年秋季,该公司将租用4年的车,同去的企业大多数微型汽车。由于其在美国的独特的外观,智能美国预计,公司将使用汽车转达了环境可持续性的形象。
The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will have a range of 83 miles and a top speed of 65 miles per hour. With its pilot testing next fall, the company will lease the car for four years, with most of the minicars going to businesses. Because of its unique looks in the U.S., Smart USA expects that corporations will use the car to convey an image of environmental sustainability.
Smarts in a row | 斯马茨连续
斯马茨连续 在市区内驾驶电动汽车-“试驾精灵”
主要挑战之一将是电动车司机是城市基础设施的收费,因为许多公寓居民将不会有一个车库,堵塞进车。聪明的美国和戴姆勒,设计和制造商的fortwo,预计停车场业主和企业将安装充电站。随着1 220伏的服务,可充电电池从零到百分之百约8小时,从百分之二十至百分之八十收取约3个半小时。汽车租赁业务的业主是否有助于解决基础设施问题,因为在许多情况下,他们将每天的收费为可用空间。
One of the main challenges to bringing an electric vehicle to city drivers is the charging infrastructure, as many apartment dwellers won't have a garage to plug the car into. Smart USA and Daimler, which designs and manufacturers the ForTwo, expect that parking garage owners and businesses will install charging stations. With a 220-volt service, the battery can charge from zero to 100 percent in about eight hours and from 20 percent to 80 percent charge in about three and a half hours. Leasing the cars to business owners does help address the infrastructure question since in many cases, they will have available space for daily charging.
Retro charge | 复古收费
复古收费 在市区内驾驶电动汽车-“试驾精灵”
在车内装备有这些拨号要告诉司机在收费多少电池的剩余。右侧的表盘显示多大的权力正在制定 - 电机马克塞斯了30千瓦,约40马力。该电池充电,当汽车减速或刹车的司机,这也是对电能表所示。
The interior is equipped with these dials to tell the driver how much charge is remaining in the battery. The dial on the right indicates how much power is being drawn--the motor maxes out at 30 kilowatts, or about 40 horsepower. The battery is charged when the car is decelerating or the driver brakes, which is also indicated on the power meter.
Mini car comparison | 迷你车比较
迷你车比较 在市区内驾驶电动汽车-“试驾精灵”
This photo shows how small the ForTwo minicar compares in size to the green minivan behind it and bicycles in front. The two-seater is less than 9 feet long and about 5 feet wide and 5 feet high.