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Modeling the uberefficient house

The stream - Heat release - Front of greenhouse

流 - 放热 - 前面的温室

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发布日期: 2010-06-15
The stream | 流
流 高科技打造超级节能的房屋
Because the building is so well insulated, it would be extremely quiet without some form of added white noise. As a result, RMI installed a flowing stream inside the house, both as a way of capturing thermal mass and to provide the background white noise.
Heat release | 放热
放热 高科技打造超级节能的房屋
During the summer months, the RMI house heats up quickly. As a way of maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature, the building features heat release panels high up in the ceiling. This is a view of the panels from the roof.
Front of greenhouse | 前面的温室
前面的温室 高科技打造超级节能的房屋
A view of the greenhouse from the front.
Bananas at 8,000 feet | 在8,000英尺香蕉
在8,000英尺香蕉 高科技打造超级节能的房屋
Some might think it would be impossible to grow bananas at 8,000 feet in the Rockies, but in the greenhouse, there are several banana trees, all of which serve, among other things, as thermal mass collectors.
Round rooms | 圆厅
圆厅 高科技打造超级节能的房屋
Lovins felt that round rooms provide more structural stability, so many of the rooms in the building are small and round, like this library space.