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The Raygun Gothic Rocketship


发布日期: 2010-06-19
Rocketship on the playa | Rocketship在普拉亚
Rocketship在普拉亚 Raygun哥特式的火箭飞船
For Burning Man 2009, a group of about 60 artists, scientists and engineers is working on a large, stylized rocket ship called the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. Intended to invoke the romantic notion of space travel before it became reality, the rocket is meant to look like a 1940s-era spacecraft. The artists have been building it in Oakland, Calif., and it will be installed at Burning Man, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Late in the event, there will be a "launch," and thousands of participants are expected to be on hand to watch what happens. In this artists rendering, the 40-foot-tall rocket is seen as it will look, on the Black Rock Desert, alongside its 25-foot-tall gantry.
Small model | 小模型
小模型 Raygun哥特式的火箭飞船
This small model is meant to convey what the rocket will look like when finished. It has a very stylized look to it, including thousands of rivets and a very retro aesthetic.
Raygun Gothic Rocketship schematic | Raygun哥特Rocketship示意图
Raygun哥特Rocketship示意图 Raygun哥特式的火箭飞船
A schematic showing what the Raygun Gothic Rocketship is meant to look like.
Top section | 顶节
顶节 Raygun哥特式的火箭飞船
The rocket ship is made in three main sections. This is the top section, where the pilot will sit. Inside is a stand-in for the pilot's chair.
Two sections, side by side | 两节,并排
两节,并排 Raygun哥特式的火箭飞船
The lower section (on the right) and the middle section, are seen side by side, in the warehouse in Oakland, Calif., where the rocket is being built in advance of Burning Man 2009.