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New species from 'Lost World' unveiled


发布日期: 2010-06-11
Pigeon image | 鸽图片
鸽图片 从'失落的世界'解密新物种


在他们的发现是这五彩的鸽子,皇鸠属菌。 11月鸽子被发现内维尔肯普并在2008年出现4次远征,虽然在此之前,从来没有记载。这导致科学家相信鸽子有一个非常小的人口,因此已经看不见了,根据国际自然保护。
A research expedition to Indonesia's Foja Mountains in 2008 resulted in the discovery of a veritable menagerie of animals that had never before been identified by scientists.

The organizations behind the journey, Conservation International and the National Geographic Society, announced their findings Monday, timed to coincide with the U.N.-declared International Year of Biodiversity. The area, located in the Papua province of the island of New Guinea, has long been known for its rich biodiversity.

Among their discoveries was this multicolored pigeon, Ducula sp. nov. The pigeon was discovered by Neville Kemp and was seen four times on the 2008 expedition, though it had never been documented before that. That led scientists to believe the pigeon has a very small population and had therefore gone unseen, according to Conservation International.
Frog image | 青蛙图片
青蛙图片 从'失落的世界'解密新物种
另一个Foja山新发现的居民,这是长鼻子树蛙,Litoria藻。 11月


Another newly discovered resident of the Foja Mountains is this long-nosed tree frog, Litoria sp. nov.

National Geographic calls the frog's discovery a happy accident; it happened into the camp kitchen and perched itself on a bag of rice, where herpetologist Paul Oliver of Australia's University of Adelaide spotted it.

For reasons not yet fully understood by scientists, the frog's nose points upward when it calls out and falls flaccid when it's quiet.
Wallaby image | 袋鼠图片
袋鼠图片 从'失落的世界'解密新物种
This furry little guy (Dorcopsulus sp. nov.) was brought to the scientists' attention by a group of locals who were helping out with the expedition, according to National Geographic. About the size of a rabbit, it turned out to be the smallest wallaby in the world and is the smallest member of the family Macropodidae, the evolutionary group of "true kangaroos."
Tree mouse image | 树鼠图片
树鼠图片 从'失落的世界'解密新物种

This teensy tree mouse (Pogonomys sp. nov.) was discovered by the Smithsonian Institution's Kristofer Helgen. Though it hasn't been confirmed, it is likely a new species, which would make it one of many mouse and rat species that are native to the area.

This mouse uses the rain forest's network of tree branches and vines "almost like a highway in the forest," said Helgen. "It hardly ever has to go down and touch the ground."
Gecko image | 壁虎的图片
壁虎的图片 从'失落的世界'解密新物种

 “有趣的当地导游,谁是森林人,非常有点害怕,拒绝接触壁虎,不会赶上他们,”说,阿德莱德的奥利弗大学。 “我不能工作了,为什么他们害怕他们。”
This bent-toed gecko (Crytodactylus sp. nov.) was discovered when its eyes reflected in a passing flashlight.

"Interestingly the local guides, who were forest people and afraid of very little, refused to touch the geckos and would not catch them," said the University of Adelaide's Oliver. "I could not work out why they feared them."