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Robots audition for Army (photos)


发布日期: 2010-06-10
Viper image | 毒蛇的图片
毒蛇的图片 机器人面试加入军队

The U.S. Army is hosting a Robotics Rodeo this week at Fort Hood in Texas and is challenging the robotics industry to develop more machines to fill combat needs.

One participant, the Viper, climbs 12-inch stairs and wades through mud, snow, and sand.
Personal dead-reckoning system image | 个人航位推算系统映像
个人航位推算系统映像 机器人面试加入军队
Russ Miller of University of Michigan is at the Robotics Rodeo to shows off a personal dead-reckoning, or navigation, system. Built in to the heel of the boot, an inertial measurement unit provides full 3-D position tracking without GPS, RF, or UWB (ultra-wide band) beacons.
Triple threat image | 三重威胁图片
三重威胁图片 机器人面试加入军队
The Archer hybrid diesel electric UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) carries its smaller brother, the Beagle tactical recon robot, and a no-name signal transmitter bot.
Scorpion 4X4 image | 蝎子4X4的图像
蝎子4X4的图像 机器人面试加入军队
The Scorpion 4X4 is DARPA Challenge ready and possibly the only truly autonomous vehicle at the Robotics Rodeo.
Lineup image | 阵容图片
阵容图片 机器人面试加入军队
Here is the iRobot lineup at the Robotics Rodeo.