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IFA through the years, a gadget evolution (photos)


发布日期: 2010-06-10
Booth babes 1.0 image | 展台美女图片
展台美女图片 电子产品的演变历程,来自柏林国际电子消费品展览会
IFA,每年在这个小工具晚会在本周前往柏林,是世界上消费电子公司,展示他们最新的gizmos.These历史照片的地方,然而,是未来科技如何迅速成为过时的怀旧提醒 - 如果不是复古。即使是所谓的摊位辣妹已经演变出来的(但也保持不变,部分原因是由于20世纪80年代流行的回报。)独立财务顾问,柏林追溯到1926年,最初作为一个电台举办的博览会,然后成为一个极端的工具二战期间II.But权利追溯始于本世纪70年代,当显示返回柏林,并成为一个国际事件,而不是一个严格的德国之一。这就是在那时彩电也开始变得更加普遍。这里的照片欢迎在1973年向IFA参加柏林。请注意显示标志(左),这是今天仍在使用。
IFA, the annual gadget gala going on this week in Berlin, is the place for the world's consumer electronics companies to showcase their latest gizmos.These historic photos, however, are a nostalgic reminder of how quickly future tech becomes obsolete--if not retro. Even the so-called booth babes have evolved (and yet also stayed the same, thanks in part to the return of 1980s fashions.)IFA-Berlin dates back to 1926, originally organized as a radio exposition and then becoming a tool of the extreme right during World War II.But this retrospective begins in the 1970s, when the show returned to Berlin and became an international affair, rather than a strictly German one. That was also around the time color TVs started to become more prevalent. Here's a photo welcoming attendees to IFA-Berlin in 1973. Note the show logo (left), which is still used today.
Show floor image | 展厅图片
展厅图片 电子产品的演变历程,来自柏林国际电子消费品展览会
On this very IFA show floor in 1973, some of the technologies introduced, according to IFA, were quadrophony, infrared headphones, and the first dummy-head stereophonic broadcast.
Dummy-head sterophonics image | 虚拟头sterophonics图片
虚拟头sterophonics图片 电子产品的演变历程,来自柏林国际电子消费品展览会
Two years later, in 1975, dummy-head stereophonics devices are still on attendees' minds (and on their heads, as shown here). Also big that year, according to IFA, was a "traffic news detector system."
Video text image | 视频文字图片
视频文字图片 电子产品的演变历程,来自柏林国际电子消费品展览会
By 1977, video text was one of the technologies creating show-floor buzz.
First VHS videorecorder image | 首先图片的VHS录像机
首先图片的VHS录像机 电子产品的演变历程,来自柏林国际电子消费品展览会
IFA 1983 saw the introduction of the first consumer VHS video camera, presented here by Telefunken CEO Josef A. Stoffels (and a woman sporting a tied blouse and beads circa sometime in the early 1980s). Other innovations that year, according to IFA, were TV sets with digital signal processing and videoconferencing.