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Looking in on the Navy's Command Center of the Future


发布日期: 2010-06-21
Navy Command Center of the Future | 海军未来指挥中心
海军未来指挥中心 看看关于海军的未来指挥中心
Across the street from the Navy's Third Fleet headquarters in San Diego, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific is working on hundreds of research projects for the Navy and other military services. Among the projects is what is known as the Navy's Command Center of the Future. And SPAWAR, or the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, has recently unveiled a prototype of a room, seen here, geared toward providing decision makers with the kind of privacy, information, and flexibility they need to handle actionable situations.While this room is only a prototype, it has many of the elements likely to make it into the actual command centers: glass walls complete with many small video screens; a large video screen that serves as the central focus of those in the room; a small, private room with glass walls that can automatically be darkened in case classified information needs to be discussed; and much more.Related story: Inside the Navy's Command Center of the Future
This way to the Command Center of the Future | 这对未来指挥中心方式
这对未来指挥中心方式 看看关于海军的未来指挥中心
A sign inside SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific in San Diego points visitors to the Navy Command Center of the Future. Though a prototype today, the room could herald what military command centers look like in 5 to 10 years.
The big screen | 大屏幕
大屏幕 看看关于海军的未来指挥中心
The centerpiece of the room, this 135-inch screen draws the attention of everyone. It can be used to display a videoconference, or to show large maps, among many other choices. In front of it is a table where several decision makers can sit.
Video displays galore | 视频显示嘉豪
视频显示嘉豪 看看关于海军的未来指挥中心
On both sides of the glass-walled room, there are several video displays meant to show those in the room any kind of information they need as quickly as they need it. The screens can show live video, documents loaded by an artificial-intelligence system, news from commercial media, and just about anything the people need to see.
Table display | 表显示
表显示 看看关于海军的未来指挥中心
This table display in the foreground of the room is always monitored by Navy personnel to ensure that nothing gets missed and that the decision makers have all the information they need about action taking place in real time.