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Solar Decathlon, start your houses (photos)

Next-generation Murphy bed image - Net zero-energy Caribbean home image - Show me home image

新一代图像墨菲床 - 净零能源加勒比家图片 - 显示我回家图像

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发布日期: 2010-06-11
Next-generation Murphy bed image | 新一代图像墨菲床
新一代图像墨菲床 用太阳能打造低碳房子
Because space is limited, many of the Solar Decathlon homes used indoor space creatively. Team Puerto Rico made an L-shaped building with an adjustable main room that allows enough room for a dance floor. The bed can be pulled up and down, but also rolled backward and forward with the crank to make space in the main room.
Net zero-energy Caribbean home image | 净零能源加勒比家图片
净零能源加勒比家图片 用太阳能打造低碳房子
Here is the outside of the home from Team Puerto Rico. The rooms are laid out to capture the ocean breezes for natural cooling. Inside, it uses reclaimed teak and redwood, and a screen that allows air to come in but blocks the sun. After the Solar Decathlon, the house will be used as a permanent exhibit for a technical park in Caguas, Puerto Rico.
Show me home image | 显示我回家图像
显示我回家图像 用太阳能打造低碳房子
The Team Missouri home shows a few of the common design techniques employed to best take advantage of the sun. Outside there are louvers that cover south-facing windows. That allows sunlight to provide indoor lighting and to help heat the home or to keep the sun out in hotter times of the year. The tilted ceiling allows for solar panels to take in as much light as possible and bring in light from the back as well. The building also used reclaimed materials extensively, including siding from a barn. Inside are cabinets built with boards made from sorghum straw.
Cornell's porch image | 康奈尔大学的门廊图片
康奈尔大学的门廊图片 用太阳能打造低碳房子
Team Cornell built its home around three silos made from core-ten steel to reflect its upstate New York location. Here is a view of the living room and porch. The living room uses motion-activated sensors to turn on lighting and the TV. The solar electric panels above provide shading for the porch.
Anatomy of a net zero-energy home image | 解剖净零能源家庭图片
解剖净零能源家庭图片 用太阳能打造低碳房子
Clearly, solar power is a big part of the Solar Decathlon homes, but all of the homes used energy-efficiency extensively, including high levels of insulation, LED lighting, and efficient appliances. Here, a Department of Energy display on the National Mall shows some of the key components of a low-energy home, including the different types of insulation on the right. On the left is a grid-tied solar photovoltaic panel, or a panel that makes electricity from the sun. For the first time, the solar village was connected to the local power grid, so the homes did not need batteries to store excess electricity.