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Gift guide for space jockeys

American Optics pilot eyeglasses - IMPOSSIBLE ride in the space shuttle - DON'T BUY astronaut ice cream

美国飞行员眼镜光学 - 不可能乘坐航天飞机 - 不要购买宇航员冰淇淋

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发布日期: 2010-06-21
American Optics pilot eyeglasses | 美国飞行员眼镜光学
美国飞行员眼镜光学 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍

OK, so you got the jacket. Now you need the sunglasses. Forget about Ray-Bans. These $70 American Optics Original Pilot Sunglasses are the real thing, used by astronauts since the beginning of the human space program.

You can choose different colors, lenses, and temples at its Web site. Unfortunately, they no longer make the yellow bayonet model used by Michael Collins during the Apollo 11. Those (pictured here) are my favorite.
IMPOSSIBLE ride in the space shuttle | 不可能乘坐航天飞机
不可能乘坐航天飞机 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍
Even if you had all the money in the world, NASA would never let you ride the shuttle. A Soyuz spacecraft, sure, but no space shuttle. No sir, no big bang for you on top of this Reagan-era wonder. You will have to enjoy this video and get over it, because sadly it wouldn't happen even if you were Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jesus Christ all rolled into one. No price tag.
DON'T BUY astronaut ice cream | 不要购买宇航员冰淇淋
不要购买宇航员冰淇淋 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍
This stuff is disgusting. I want to like it every time I try it, but it has the most horrible taste. Maybe they should clean those astronauts more thoroughly before making the ice cream with them. Die space ice cream, die! Give me Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie any day.