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Gift guide for space jockeys


发布日期: 2010-06-21
From the Earth to the Moon | 从地球到月球
从地球到月球 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍

 “从地球到月球 - 签名版”($在亚马逊15)是我的所有时间最喜爱的电视系列之一。它的良好的剧本,表演,拍摄,并指示,到时候你会得到一些玻眼睛最戏剧性和史诗的时刻。 

Hey you, Ground Controls and Major Toms orbiting out there! If you're a space aficionado or know someone who'd like to blast into the cosmos, it's time to take your protein pills and scroll through the following gallery for a definitive go/no-go holiday gift list. It was compiled by Gizmodo and reprinted with the site's permission.

"From the Earth to the Moon - The Signature Edition" ($15 at Amazon) is one of my favorite TV series of all time. It's well-scripted, acted, filmed, and directed, to the point you will get glassy eyes at some of the most dramatic and epic moments.

My favorite is still the episode in which Apollo 12 arrives at the moon, perhaps the most anticlimactic moment in the history of space travel. Even if you watched this on TV, each of the 12 episodes are a must to fully understand the titanic scope, knowledge, and courage that took humans into their trip from the Earth to the Moon.
Lego Saturn V | 乐高土星五号
乐高土星五号 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍
这是一个给定的:土星5号指令舱+ + +登月舱月球车+乐高=疯狂的胜利。我想这是一样的巨大千年隼大,但它的不够好,因为它是。每个人都会像集,它是一个完美的方式庆祝人类第一次到月球40周年。乐高在亚马逊土星五号成本是139美元。
This one is a given: Saturn V + command module + lunar module + lunar rover + Lego = Insane win. I wish it was as big as the gigantic Millennium Falcon, but it's good enough as it is. Everyone will like the set, and it's a perfect way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of humankind's first trip to the moon. The Lego Saturn V costs $139 at Amazon.
Moonfire | 蒙菲尔
蒙菲尔 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍

或者,你可以随时购买美丽的 - 31美元,并在很多便宜 - 满月。
At $1,500, this is one very expensive book. But it has a real lunar rock inside. Not all of them, however: only 12 of its limited-edition 1969 (numbered from 1958 to 1968). And the moon rock is not from the Apollo mission, but from a certified meteor.

Alternatively, you can always buy the beautiful--and a lot cheaper at $31--Full Moon.
Trip to the Kennedy Space Center to watch a shuttle launch | 前往肯尼迪航天中心观看航天飞机发射
前往肯尼迪航天中心观看航天飞机发射 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍

如果你给这出有任何空间迷之行,他或她将永远爱你。这是成人$ 38 / $ 28的入场券孩子。然后加入成人21元/ 15元的导游,加上航班和酒店费用的孩子。
Going to the Kennedy Space Center is always fun. Going to see a launch and feel the ground tremble below your feet while the sky fires up in Halloween orange and chimney red? Simply amazing. Going to watch one of the last shuttle launches next year? An absolute must.

If you give this trip to any space aficionado out there, he or she will love you forever. It's $38 adult/$28 child for the admission ticket. Then add $21 adult/$15 child for a guided tour, plus the cost of flight and hotel.
NASA flight jacket | 美国宇航局飞行夹克
美国宇航局飞行夹克 太空飞行主题的礼品介绍
The other day I got a real USAF fighter pilot jacket at a second-hand shop. I wish I had that for a perfectly dorky Tom Cruise impression at the Dubai Air Show. This $79.99 NASA flight jacket is the next best thing. Kind of. And it comes with all the patches. You only have to provide the Right Stuff.